A strong body equals a strong life. Kurmasana Wellness is here to help you reach your goals: mind, body, and soul.

About Sydney

Hey, I’m Sydney Pawlik, and I am the founder/owner behind Kurmasana Wellness.  I am a yoga teacher (RYT200) and TRX instructor with a passion for wellness. I believe that fitness is something we should be interested in because we love ourselves, and we wish to be the happiest and healthiest we can be.

When you are healthy, and your body helps you thrive in your everyday life, then your quality of life improves immeasurably.  This is called functional fitness.

Functional fitness is your ability to take groceries from your car to your house (all at once, because no one likes making more than one trip!), to lift up your kids, to tackle the stairs instead of the elevator, or to keep up with your furry friend at the dog park.

Kurmasana Wellness is all about functional fitness. Through innovative, fun, and customized yoga, TRX, and multi-modality workouts, we will reach your wellness goals. I will walk with you every step of the way as a source of encouragement, education, and support.

Glossary: Wait, What’s a Kurmasana

Kurmasana: This is the sanskrit name for tortoise pose in yoga. The tortoise pose helps to lengthen your spine, open your shoulders, and quiet your thoughts. It literally allows you to stand up straight with confidence and a peaceful mind. This posture embodies everything I want for myself and my clients in our wellness journeys.

TRX: This stands for Total Body Resistance Exercise. The TRX is a suspension trainer. This means that you use the TRX to leverage your body weight against yourself. The trainer provides an amazing workout for any athlete from beginner to advanced. Your body is your ultimate tool. To learn more about the TRX, check out their website here. 

Multi-Modality: I have a 100 hour multi-modality certification. This means that I can incorporate other exercise modalities into your TRX workout or use them to create a stand alone workout. Some of my favorites are battle ropes, sandbells, and bosu balls.

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